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Best Hiking Trails in Atlanta GA

Best Hiking Trails in Atlanta GA

Sweep Away Into The Bewitching Natural Wonders As You Hike Through Atlanta Trails!

Atlanta GA, popularly known as the Big Peach, is the most populous Georgia capital with a 498,715 population making it the Southeast’s 8th most populated city. Located among the Appalachian Mountains foothills at just more than 300 meters (1,000 feet) above sea level, Atlanta is particularly known for a flourishing art scene, a range of events and festivals, outdoor spaces, and beautiful parks.

With its 40 miles of hiking trails, Atlanta calls all adventure seekers and nature lovers to swap cityscape with some natural surroundings. Rolling forests, historical remains, and scenic rivers together make up for your truly adventurous trip. Did we mention the best views? The mountaintop panoramas over Atlanta are worth catching! Let’s get ready to feel the rapid rush of adrenaline as you hike through one of the gorgeous hiking trails in Atlanta!

Arabia Mountain Top Trail (1.3 miles)

Best Hiking Trails in Atlanta GA

Arabia Mountain Top Trail I, set only 30 minutes off Midtown Atlanta, offers a diverse beautiful landscape. Serving as a perfect fit for kids and novice hikers who are just starting, this Atlanta GA hiking trail enriches you with plenty of eye-catching Arabia Lake views and abundant natural goodness. The rare plants, shallow basins, and massive granite fields catch the attention of hikers as they hike up over 30 miles of trails, being part of Arabia Mountain Path.

The Palisades Trails

Best Hiking Trails in Atlanta GA

If you are looking for a perfect hideout place within the city limits of Atlanta, the Palisades trails are a perfect option for you. It rambles along the Chattahoochee River bank located only 11 miles from the pulsating heart of Downtown. Sectioned into West and East, the West Palisades provide easy walks on mostly well-paved pathways setting up an iconic platform for runners and families. It further follows Rottenwood Creek along with the bridges here and there. While the East side is less crowded and more strenuous. If you wish to experience a swift adrenaline rush, you should catch sight of truly splendid river views and even stroll across a bamboo forest.

Morningside Nature Preserve

Best Hiking Trails in Atlanta GA

The Morningside Nature Preserve is set 7 miles Downtown’s northeast and serves as a great nature-filled retreat within the city. This best-kept secret in the top-scale Morningside neighborhood is that it features 30 acres of easy trails where dogs and kids splash in the babbling creek as the summer steps in. The charm found here is infused with pure Southern wilderness leaving no room for fancy picnic gazebos and manicured lawns. And yes, there’s also a swinging bridge over fascinating South Peachtree Creek, so don’t forget to pay a visit.

Sweetwater Creek State Park (on the city west in Lithia Springs)

Best Hiking Trails in Atlanta GA

Sweetwater Creek State Park features loop trails of 15 miles, following the riverbanks across history and rolling hills. This one of the easy-to-reach and famous Atlanta trails beside the Red Trail is the remnants of the textile mill of Manchester Manufacturing Company burnt in the Civil War. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned hiker, you are sure to get hiking trails here that suit every age group and skill level. If you are up for a challenge, check out the Taz Hill located on Yellow Trail or the westside bit of the White Trail, it will surely get your heart pumping.

Cascade Springs Nature Preserve

Best Hiking Trails in Atlanta GA

Cascade Springs Nature Preserve spans about 120 acres and is located approximately 7 miles from downtown Southeast Atlanta. The trail there is nearly 2 miles long and provides a relatively easy hiking experience that includes following a creek through a fern-dotted forest to a waterfall, leading up to an overlook. Additionally, the preserve is historically significant as it contains earthworks from the Civil War battle beside Utoy Creek. This area offers a rich combination of natural beauty and historical significance, making it one of the best Atlanta trails.

Arabia Mountain

Best Hiking Trails in Atlanta GA

Arabia Mountain, as exotic as its name suggests, showcases Georgia's diverse geology and natural ecosystems. The mountain, a granite monadnock, features a surface dotted with water-filled dimples following rainfall, presenting a unique geological spectacle. It's part of the expansive Davidson Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve, which spans nearly 2,500 acres and includes 8 miles of trails weaving through the mountainous terrain. For cyclists, the 33-mile PATH trail provides a scenic paved pathway linking Arabia Mountain with Panola Mountain, making it a perfect route for exploring the area's natural beauty.

Lionel Hampton-Beecher Hills Park

Best Hiking Trails in Atlanta GA

Lionel Hampton-Beecher Hills Park is one of the nicely protected slices of nature set right in the heart of Atlanta. This one of the best places to hike in Atlanta is a part of almost 100 acres of nature preserve that is even more developed as compared to the Morningside and Cascade Springs. Approximately half of the 4 miles of trails are well-paved here with paths leading to Utoy Creek where the remains of Civil War Union Fortification can still be witnessed. This park also boasts easy access to the BeltLine Westside Trail and a playground.

Atlanta BeltLine Trails

Best Hiking Trails in Atlanta GA

Imagine a 22-mile loop that follows an old railroad path and links up almost 45 neighborhoods located right in the pulsating Atlanta's heart. Bustling with activity, paved and white, these paths of Atlanta BeltLine Trails are putting new life into the urban spaces of Atlanta. The East Side Trail spans 3 miles and starts from Piedmont Park to Memorial Drive, making it one of a scenic journey from the Midtown's heart to the lively Reynolds Town area. The West Side Trail starts from Washington Park and can easily be accessible through MARTA and goes all the way near West End MARTA Station to University Avenue.

In a nutshell, whether you are a nature lover or a daredevil wishing to feel the rush of thrill, you will always find plenty of options for hiking in Atlanta. From the peaceful oasis of Morning Nature Preserve to the rugged charm of Palisades Trail, there’s something for everyone.

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